linkedin2 I love things that are weathered, worn, textured, old…even imperfect.

I like to find the energy and uniqueness in a singular item, or combine multiple single items into larger collage pieces.  I’m partial to symmetry, squares and cutting things into pieces. I have a soft spot for items created by hand

My subject matter doesn’t talk back. It doesn’t look perfect. It doesn’t need to. It has a story to tell. Whether it’s a worn flower or a #12 pool ball, my artistic mission is to create a new way of looking at an ordinary object. I push my images toward the textural…and often use my hands to make it happen ( yes, in the digital age. )

I choose the unpredictability and hands-on nature of gelatin frescos and gel transfers. Often combining multiple mediums with the more traditional art of photography.


Want to know a bit more about my process?

To emphasize what is most unique about a subject, I shoot against a plain background; adding textures, scratches, and carefully chosen imperfections later (in part with digital layering techniques as well as hand varnish, gels, oils, beeswax, or whatever best accentuates the personality of a subject.)

Final images are mounted on metal or transferred to wood using one of my hand delivered techniques. The metal pieces gain additional character with sanded and hand-rubbed painted edges; finished with varnish or gel. The wood transfers are complete once they receive a protective sealer.

Step-by-step, technique-by-technique…each piece is hand crafted by me. From photographing, imaging, printing, transferring, mounting, painting, dying boxes, and framing. It’s all Kathy Wolfe and I love every part of it!


Tell me what I can create for you!

I welcome the opportunity to create custom pieces for residential and commercial spaces. And, I’m always open to new subject matter. Tell me what you’re thinking and let’s make some art!


Where might you see me?

I travel and show my art at art fairs & festivals, as well as in galleries, and out of my home studio. For more information or to acquire a Kathy Wolfe original, please see my commissions web page.