Nest Portraits


6.10.16  Oakhurst, GA

Nest Portraits

Excited to be building a series of new subject matter! I’m concentrating on nest portraits. Love how they are unique, different, each one a work of art.!  Email me if you would like to see more!!

Starline-Drive Green-Leaf Candler-Rd.

Decatur Arts Festival!

I have been working on a new series of bird’s nests and excited for Decatur Arts Festival which starts today – Saturday May 28 and runs through Sunday. I hope to see lots of old friends and make new ones!

nest-#08 Inman-Park booth-wall

Roosters in Drawers


Working on some gelatin transfers to wood, mounted in vintage drawers, along with other new works.  Stay tuned!

Opening Day at Peachtree Road Farmers Market – April 2, 2016


Looking forward to kicking off the season at the farmers market! New artworks available.

Are all ducks bowlegged?

Had a great and fun Virginia Highlands Summerfest and there is only one more outdoor festival this summer at the end of the month..after that it is just too hot for me, so I will be focusing on some new works, along with doing the Peachtree Road Farmers Market a couple times.

I photographed this little guy yesterday and think it begs the question about whether all ducks may be bowlegged.  Don’t know the answer but will start looking at them more closely. I continue to work on my animal portfolio little by little, along with more dogs and more still life work.

Enjoy your summer!


Decatur Arts Festival wrap

Another great year at Decatur Arts Festival. The weather could not have been better, the crowds were friendly and interested, and my booth position under the trees in front of the courthouse was the best place I’ve ever been!  I love this show – Decatur used to be my home and now I only live about 2 miles away, so for me, one of my favorites always.  Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous Memorial Day.

Big thanks to a former neighbor of mine in Avondale Estates – Deb, who came out to the show and purchased these 4 pieces from my Renewal series for her cabin walls in Monticello.  She sent me this photo the same day —  made me so happy!

Thanks to all my clients, customers and friends that support me!

Renewal Series

Happy Mother’s Day

I don’t usually do this, but I’m duplicating a post from my site. Today is Mother’s Day and I wish everyone that is a Mom a fantastic day.  This weekend I was supposed to attend the Jackson Fine Arts Festival down in Jackson GA.  It’s a great little show and I was disappointed to cancel due to the recently diagnosed illness of my little Lottie girl.  I’m not a Mom of a human, but a devoted one to my furry babies. She is my last baby, she is 14, and her prognosis doesn’t sound good. I’m hopeful she can maybe have more time than the situation makes us believe.

To all the Mother’s of human and furry ones  – many blessings!


Post Inman Park

We started out with a huge rainstorm at 6:30 on Saturday morning, but finished up both days with beautiful sunshine.  Great crowds, fun time talking with lots of folks.  This young man Ceddrick was the happiest character to grace my booth.


My booth was confined to my animals this year.  I’m always doing new things, and thought I would try out these new silouettes that I had in the bottom right hand corner of the booth.  The fish are always good sellers – check them out on my sea collections page.



I continue to try and get the word out about the new project of mine – shooting your family animals!  Check out




Inman Park Festival

This weekend brings with it some rain ( boo! ) and the Inman Park Festival!  Sunday looks to be beautiful, and with the weather you never know, so perhaps Saturday will be great too!  Come out to see the parade, connect with your neighbors and help support artists!

I’m bringing this new fish piece with me  – available this weekend!  It is 18 x 38″ , a mixed media photograph with acrylic, varnish and wax!