Opening Day of Peachtree Road Farmers Market!

After a long winter of working on new projects and shooting many dogs for my latest interest dogandwolfe, the first real spring show is finally here.  Tomorrow is the opening day of Peachtree Road Farmers Market.  I will be there with edibles, sea collection, chickens and more.  Hope to see some folks to kick off spring!



Mid winter report

I’ve got a lot of things lined up for this year.  Some arts festivals that I’ve done in the past, more Peachtree Road Farmer’s Markets than I did last year, and some fresh new subject matter.  Like a snow dome, sometimes you just have to shake things up.  I’ve got a new body of portrait work in the making, which you can see more of at Dog + Wolfe.  Animal commissions, primarily focusing on dogs, but if you have a parrot, ferret or siamese cat, I’m your go to!  Hope to see some of my art buyers take advantage of this new avenue of mine.

Here is a piece from the Hen series – Chili, the speckled sussex.  Beeswax on metal.

Mixed media hen portrait with beeswax. Speckled sussex chicken

Welcome 2015, New Year, First Show

I will be exhibiting this weekend at the second annual Callanwolde Fine Arts Festival!  The show dates are Jan 23 @ 6 pm – January 25th at 5:00 pm.  I will be showcasing a few of my Renewal Series pieces, along with some other classics.


Happy Holidays to all!

Wow!  No words, no excuses on the lack of blog posts this year. Lots of changes, lots of new things to come.  Wishing everyone a beautiful season and a happy holiday!


Commission for Bone Garden Cantina!

The most fun thing I’ve done lately!  

mixed media photograph

Please remember that if you have something interesting you’d like photographed, or a wacky idea that you want executed, I’m always excited and eager to do a commission!

2014 Atlanta Arts Festival onward

Well, another Atlanta Arts Fest is in the books.  We had pretty good weather that threatened rain and never really did, which kept it pretty cool and downright Fall like on Sunday.  I saw quite a few familiar faces of past art collectors now friends, along with lots of folks I know. Was a great weekend and I lucked out to be in a row with a lot of artist friends, which makes for a great great weekend.

I’m switching tracks a little bit again..  After spending about 4-5 months intensely photographing for the Real Hens of Atlanta, I’ve decided to move my attention to another species in the animal kingdom — the fabulous DOG.  It makes sense..  I have 2 as family members, I love them and most of my friends love and have them as well.  I plan to establish a “look” and a style and will be working on that for a little bit.  A GREAT time to get in on the action with your own dog, as I “practice”!

For a fabulous start:  Willy Henson!


Real Hens of Atlanta at The Showcase School of Photography!

Okay, I admit I have been absent all summer and not kept up with my own blog.  The Real Hens of Atlanta has consumed much of my time the last 5 months!  I have lots and lots of exciting things in the works..  But this week it is final preparation for our show!  Hope you can make it!RealHensShow(web)

Virginia Highlands Summerfest

I’ve been more than remiss for the past few months in posting updates to my shows, for my work, and life in general. I have a lot of irons in wildly different fires, but at the moment, the hottest fire will be this upcoming weekend at my last art show around Atlanta until the fall season starts. Virginia Highlands is always hot, in more ways than one, and I hope to see a lot of folks I know and send artwork home with even more that I don’t know.

I will get back to regularly posting after this weekend, right now it’s time to get busy packing, finishing work and general pre-show prep.


Here are a few pieces I will have with me, along with plenty more :



I am experimenting with a series on water ripples. This is a mixed media piece 22 x 42″.

Mixed Media 22 x 42"

This shot came from my many trips up and down the mountain to Hendersonville and Asheville during the two years I commuted back and forth. It is 20″ x 38″.


New Directions All Around

I have had a busy couple of months with many new opportunities beginning to emerge.  I am still doing festivals —  the next one up is Inman Park at the end of the month!  I look forward to seeing many friends there, and the very next week I will be at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market!  Those are both great ways to get back out in the Atlanta scene!


On the commission front I recently finished a beautiful piece for Dena and Ryan McPherson.  They chose all the florals they wanted to have and which had special meaning to them.  We worked together on size of the pieces and framing so that it all came together just right for over their mantel.  They were kind enough to send me a photo of the finished piece hanging: multi panel gelatin transfer to wood. 26 x 50". Commissioned piece.
If you have something special to you-  whether it is a series of objects, a momento you would like immortalized, or just some crazy notion of what might make a cool piece of art, email me and let’s see if we can work it out!

The Movies:

I’ve had the pleasure of providing some art for another production happening here in Atlanta!  Working with a set designer, I printed some of the “freakier” chickens to be used in a movie with Jack Black.  Can’t wait to see what they will do with them.  Here is Aretha –  of the gal’s they picked:aretha

Real Hens of Atlanta collaboration:

Of all the things happening, this one will prove to be the most entertaining and fun!  Christal Presley – who wrote the book  Thirty Days With My Father  and Kara O’Brien, who owns Kara O’Brien Renovations and I, have begun work on a great big fun project, chronicling the lives of the Real Hens of Atlanta.  Check out their story, their daily nuggets of wisdom and other fine things to come.  With those two as writers coupled with my photographs of the hens,  you are in for a treat!copyrighttest32

What’s Coming Up for Spring

I never made it to Sarasota —  I had van trouble on the way down there and thought it best to turn around and head back to Atlanta, rather than risk a breakdown in some place where I would be stranded.  I was disapppointed to miss, but did spend a productive weekend shooting an artist friend’s work.  ( Marc Villanueva, who’s work I will share as soon as his website is complete ).  I also had a chance to shoot his grand bassett hound Kona, which has made me interested and hungry to work on doing more dogs.

kona9613 kona


Next up for me showing my work will be at the Chicks in the City Symposium, very near me in Decatur. This will be an informative day all geared toward folks who are interested in becoming or already are, urban chicken farmers. I will be there with a table, showcasing some of my chickens!