Gelatin fresco transfers are made by combining gelatin, powdered marble, gel medium and water together. The mixture is heated and cooled and hand strained over wood that has been sanded and gessoed. After the gelatin mixture has cooled, a transfer film with ink is rolled over the surface. The gelatin pulls the ink from the film and transfers the image onto the wood.  The end result will be a beautiful aged look as drying takes place and some cracks appear. The imperfections are what makes each one unique and adds character. After drying for several days the pieces are sealed multiple times.


Fish Collection

gelatin fresco transfer, 10 x 23" box


Every fish is hand done on a 10 x 23 inch box with a depth of 2 inches. After the boxes are sanded and prepped, the transfer is poured. After drying for several days, the gelatin transfer is sealed and the sides of the box are finished with a beautiful ivory color paint.

Each piece is unique and has it’s own personality. They render beautiful imperfections and a vintage appearance.

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6'sea-collection-boxesSea Collection Bungalow Boxes

transfer-detail3These 6″ boxes are a collection of works that can easily find their way into your waterfront home, or to simply enjoy at home wherever you live!  They don’t just hang on the wall- their box-like construction makes them the perfect piece to place on a shelf or any flat surface. Wall space, counterspace, table space. Whatever you’ve got, Bungalow Boxes are your ideal artful display.

Bungalow Boxes are hand-made gel transfers.. giving each one its own personality and uniqueness. They render beautiful imperfections and a vintage appearance.

Wonderful for hanging in sets of 3, 6 or 9, they also look great individually to give a bit of pop to that special space!

6″ sea collection boxes